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Meet Roger and Gayle

Shamanic Practitioners

We are partners in a committed relationship spanning over 25 years.  Together we've shared a quest for the spiritual meaning in life.  We've spent many years of dedicated study of the approaches indigenous peoples have for maintaining health and expanding consciousness.  Based on these approaches we offer services to enhance one's life and evolve consciously.  We are here to help.

Together we've gained a deeper understanding of the importance of bringing back sacred ways of honoring Pachamama.  The planet is in crisis; and we must be part of the solution.  In this regard, we have supported Peruvian paqos in their visits to our region.  We have opened our home to them as a base for providing both healing and training opportunities within our community.  Gayle and I have also trained with Don Mariano Quispe in how to transmit the Mama Killa Karpay, designed to bring divine female energy into your heart, spirit and soul.  Most recently we have completed a year long apprenticeship in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of don Oscar Miro Quesada.  We now stand in service to those who wish to become more conscious in these days of chaos and crises.

Roger and Gayle


Roger Wheelock and Gayle Ruth, Shamanic Practitioners
Why see a shaman?

Why a shamanic practitioner?

Services we offer


During an energetic cleansing, Roger identifies areas of stagnant energy in a client.  Stagnant energy is removed and replaced with clean, empowering energy.  Cleansing stones and feathers are used in this process


Roger identifies energetic blockages created by repetitive thought patterns and unwholesome relationships.  The blockages are removed and the client's energy field is calmed and smoothed.

Soul Retrievals

Severe trauma results in the loss of pieces of a client's soul.  Roger journeys to the Lower World to find lost pieces of soul and reintegrate them to achieve wholeness and balance.


Roger identifies the rhythms and patterns affecting key life decisions and the management and integration of change.  Assistance is provided to move through past patterns and integrate a more conscious form of living.


Gayle prepares despachos or prayer bundles to honor the natural world and integrate higher consciousness.

Crystal Grids

Roger builds crystal grids for manifesting what you desire in life and healing what has been holding you back.  A quality image of the grid is provided for you to use on your own.



From Katherine Daniel., Austin, TX


I have had many healing sessions in my day, but the deep shamanic healing I received from Roger is among the best. His calm, steady manner immediately put me at ease. He is very insightful, to the point that he was able to help me identify the core issue I was struggling to express. I thought it was one thing, but when he mentioned another and I felt the tears coming, I knew he had found the key to unlock what I had not been able to admit to myself. He explained exactly what he would do, and during the healing, I felt very relaxed and safe in Roger's presence. He is sensitive and kind.  At no time did I feel anxious or scared, and was able to open my being deeply to the work and feel into my body, mind, and spirit. Afterward, when Roger was explaining to me what he'd found and done, I realized that some of the impressions I'd gotten during the healing were directly connected to some of the stones Roger used - that I had never seen before. He was very patient, answering all of my questions and helping me to process and understand the healing. Now, about a month later and in a different part of the country, I can say for certain that Roger's healing skills have helped me end some things that I'd been challenged to put behind me. I'm so very grateful to him for his healing support, and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a skilled practitioner to help them clear those stubborn obstacles from their path that are often hidden and so very challenging to resolve.

From Forrest Green, Asheville, NC


"Roger Wheelock is highly attuned to and in touch with the energies and qualities of our Living Earth.  He has the capacity to LISTEN and KNOW what the Earth is feeling and communicating, especially in the realm of gems and crystals.  He has a unique “gift” for creating highly supportive crystal grids aligned to a particular person’s needs, interests and intentions.  He has done this for me and I find the “captured picture” of my personal crystal grid continuing to be powerful and influential, holding in tangible form my desires and intentions for manifestation.  Keep up the good work, Roger, and continue to bring your special gifts into the world, both needed and most helpful in assistance for those calling to deepen their SOUL Journey."




Your Evolution Starts Here

Contact Info



Asheville, North Carolina


Initial Consultations
$60-$90, based on ability to pay
Despachos are $40, with all proceeds going to Greenpeace.
Group Sessions or Individual Training
fee determined by scope
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