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Gayle Ruth - I have long been a spiritual seeker. As a child, I attended Sunday school every Sunday (religiously!) and went to Baptist revival services with my grandmother in the Deep South.  Over time, I found the patriarchal aspects and hierarchy were working to separate me from my direct experience with the creator.  I traveled to the Yucatan (2002) on a retreat led by one of  Carlos Castaneda's disciples, Merilyn Tunneshende.  There, we used ritual and dreaming to tap into ancestral energies.  In 2012 I traveled to Peru with Mystic and Andean Priest Juan Nunez del Prado.  On this retreat, I experienced “Hatun Karpay”, which is the awakening of the internal seed of personal potential.Since 2015, I have belonged to a group of women who practice journeying and the rituals of our foremothers to connect with the elements and energies of all things, and to raise our energetic power to protect and honor women, nature, the moon and stars, and our Mother Earth.

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